Sunset Dumortierite Infinity Necklace

Touchstone Collection | Sunset Dumortierite

Sunset Dumortierite | These blue beauties promote control + order through our mental energies so things flow beautifully.  They strengthen our mental discipline + focus.

Natural Riverstone | These sand-colored gems are believed to energize us + our environment plus give us clarity of decisions.

Our Touchstone Collection is a physical reminder that you are strong, important + worthy of your dreams.

Comes with our super soft gold linen gift bags for gifting + storing.

Can be worn as a single-strand necklace, double wrapped for a choker-style necklace, or wrapped four times for a bracelet stack.  Measures approximately 34 inches + is strung on a high-quality, thick stretch cord.

      • Materials:  Copper metal accents
      • Gemstone:  Sunset Dumortierite 8mm + 10mm, Natural Riverstone 8mm
      • Collection: Touchstone
      • Handcrafted in rural Kansas

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