Simple Intentions | Motivation Balance Mix

Simple Intentions | Balance + Intuitive + Bodyguard

Utilize the power of 3 with this motivational match of 3 of our Simple Intentions' bracelets.

Featuring the Balance ~ Rhodonite gemstones are believed to encourage balance in our thoughts + increase an overall calmness of our energy. The soft pink beauties nurture love + gets rid of emotional scars.

Featuring the Intuitive ~ Labradorite gemstones are believed to detoxify your environment + protect the body.  They are wonderful at helping your intuition by increasing your mental abilities to rid negative energy.

Featuring the Bodyguard ~ Black Obsidian are a strongly protective gemstone to diminish + shield you from negative energy including fear + anxiety.  These breathtaking gems range in color + streaks from a deep brown, rust orange to sand.

Intentions are a plan; a commitment to strive for; a light to guide your journey.  They are a starting point as you work towards your dream.  Our Simple Intentions Collection features one meaningful gemstone in each piece to assist you in whatever journey you choose.

Comes with our super soft gold keepsake gift bags for gifting + storing.

See the rest of our Simple Intentions Collection here.

      • Length: 7 1/4 inches, sized to fit most wrists
      • Materials: Copper spacer beads 5mm, Rhodonite 8mm, Labradorite 8mm, Obsidian 8mm
      • Collection: Simple Intentions

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