MINI Tiger's Eye Infinity Necklace

Touchstone Collection | MINI Tiger's Eye

Utilizing a smaller 6mm gem, this is a miniature version of our regular infinity necklace.

Tiger's Eye | These are believed to provide us with the strength to brave any difficulties that come our way.  These tiger's eye gems get their variance of colors from different mineral deposits.

Obsidian | Black Obsidian are a strongly protective gemstone to diminish + shield us from negative energy including fear + anxiety.  These breathtaking gems range in color + streaks from a deep brown, rust orange to sand.

Onyx | Deep black, these gems impart strength, direction + protection against negative energy.

Our Touchstone Collection is a physical reminder that you are strong, important + worthy of your dreams.

Comes with our super soft gold linen gift bags for gifting + storing.

Can be worn as a single-strand necklace or wrapped four or five times, depending on your wrist size, for a bracelet stack.  Measures approximately 27 inches + is strung on a high-quality, thick stretch cord.

      • Materials:  Copper metal accents
      • Gemstone:  Tiger's Eye 6mm, Obsidian 6mm, Onyx 10mm
      • Collection: Touchstone
      • Handcrafted in rural Kansas

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