Lotus Flower Charm Gemstone Bracelet

Lotus | Peach Moonstone + Wood Opalite + African Turquoise

The lotus symbolizes that no matter how gritty life gets, we are always worth it, just as the lotus flower is so beautiful no matter where it grows.

Peach Moonstone | These soft + dreamy gems are believed to help connect us to our dreams to sooth anxiety + worry.  These calming stones are believed to provide relief of emotional issues.

Wood Opalite | From varying shades of beige to swirled copper to rich chocolate brown, these gemstones are believed to release our inner strength so we're primed for steady growth.  These gems aid the healing of the physical body.

African Turquoise | Rich green + turquoise swirls, these stones are believed to encourage growth + endless opportunities.  They help ease the mind allowing positivity to flow through.

Comes with our super soft linen jewelry bags for gifting + storing.

Slips easily on the wrist + stacks nicely with others.

      • Charm: Copper Lotus 12mm
      • Materials:  Copper beads 4mm + 6mm
      • Gemstone:  Peach Moonstone, Wood Opalite, African Turquoise 8mm
      • Collection: Be Charmed
      • Handcrafted in rural Kansas

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