Green Cedar Sticks Necklace


Green China Chrysoprase gemstone sticks capture the rugged intrigue of the beautiful scenery of the Gypsum Hills of Kansas.

Chrysoprase gems are a type of Chalcedony which are believed to encourage feelings of generosity + love.  Between each gem is a copper nugget to remind you of nature's red soil.

Comes with our super soft gold keepsake gift bags; perfect for your customers for gifting + storing.

      • Materials: Copper Metal
      • Gemstones: China Chrysoprase Sticks
      • Length:  26 inches
      • Decorative Drop: 1 inch
      • Collection: Gypsum Hills

First time wholesale orders are required to meet our minimum of $150.  Please be aware that if your first-time order does not reach this amount, you will be requested to add to your order.  This minimum does not apply to reorders for any collection.

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