Harper Amazonite Necklace


"As long as you're alive, you can do something."   ~Valerie Harper

Amazonite stones are believed to encourage clarity of all issues involved.  It is a soothing stone for your mind.  The Harper is inspired by our need to celebrate this beautiful, glorious + precious life.  These amazonite stones are in beautiful shades of blue/green + a sandy beige with streaks of black tourmaline. 

Anchoring this long necklace is a copper teardrop pendant containing amazonite chips + flakes.  Directly above the pendant, you'll find three black gold amazonite gemstones together with copper beads; joined by a large copper ring.  Tucked in the copper chain is another amazonite gem.

      • Materials: Copper, Amazonite Gems
      • Total Length:  38 inches
      • Decorative Drop: 5.5 inches
      • Collection: Copper

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