Simple Intentions Collection

February 26, 2020

Simple Intentions Collection

My newest jewelry collection is here!  There's nothing accidental about this handcrafted collection.

It's called Simple ~ each piece focuses on the properties of just one gemstone.

It's called Intentions ~ each gemstone helps focus our mind on those intentions that are most important to us.

simple intentions meaningful gemstone bracelets and necklaces

Intentions are a plan, a map to guide us, a commitment to strive for, a way to be better.  They're a light to guide us through our journey called life.  Intentions are a starting point as we work towards our dream.

The Simple Intentions collection features one meaningful + inspiring gemstone.  Choose the one that means the most to you.  Are you needing more clarity?  To feel more grounded?  To be open to love?  Wear just one Simple Intentions piece to pinpoint your focus that day or choose several pieces to cover your bases.

The necklace has 3 gemstones while each bracelet has 3 gemstones separated by copper beads.  The significance of 3s isn't an accident.  There's power in 3.

~heaven, earth + water

~beginning, middle + end

~body, soul + spirit

Plus . . . they look amazing!

simple intentions meaningful gemstones bracelets and necklaces


What do you need help with?  Going with the flow?  Feeling self-confident? Trusting your soul?  I'd love to hear!  Post your comments below.

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