Momma Love | Is Yoga Right for You?

May 07, 2020

Momma Love | Is Yoga Right for You?

Have you thought about yoga?  Did you try yoga a long time ago + didn't like it? Do you think yoga involves chanting + idol worshiping?

I believe there's a yoga style for every body.  I also believe that it is not necessary to spend a lot of money going to a special yoga gym or class (and chanting + idol worshiping is not a part of yoga).

Yoga is about balancing the mind + body through focus, breathing + being in the moment.  Yoga improves our flexibility through holding poses.  Yoga improves our strength + concentration.

Which yoga style fits you?

Bikram ~ This yoga style features the same 26 poses that flow in the same manner.  Bikram is often referred to as hot yoga because this yoga is done in a 105° F room.  Since it's completed in a very warm environment, you should make sure to wear comfortable clothing that feels good when damp. While you should always stay hydrated during exercise, it's extremely important when doing Bikram yoga to have your full water bottle next to your mat.  Avoid this type of yoga if you have high blood pressure, heart disease or recovering from an injury.

Ashtanga ~ This is my personal favorite type of yoga!  As an introvert, I love doing it on my own schedule, in my own home, by myself.  I will turn off all noise so my environment is quiet to allow my mind to really focus + breath.  Plus, I do well with self-practice.  I really love the structure of each pose; Ashtanga is not something I need to learn every week.  Ashtanga focuses on athletic, highly-focused movements that helps you practice inhaling + exhaling.  A great stress reliever!  Avoid this type of yoga if you prefer people interaction + need the guidance of an instructor.

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Iyengar ~ You may not recognize the name, but you've probably seen this yoga style quite a bit.  Iyengar focuses on the alignment of poses that you maintain for several minutes or longer.  There's a big emphasis on proper alignment, many times using towels, sofas or a chair, so that you avoid injury + get the most benefit from the movements.  As aspect of this yoga style that I love is that I feel so strong after a session.  Avoid this type of yoga if you feel more comfortable with movement because Iyengar sustains stillness.

There's so many more types of yoga to explore so you can find your perfect fit.

Share your favorite yoga style in the comments below + in our social media.

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