Lifestyle | National Tell A Story Day

April 25, 2020

Lifestyle | National Tell A Story Day

April 27, 2020 is National Tell A Story Day.  We all have wonderful stories to share.  We share them with our children, grandchildren, friends + relatives.  There's something magical in passing down stories that were told us as children.  And in these crazy Coronavirius days, our stories have never been more important.  And . . . we have a captive audience.

My Story:

My mom always made our childhood special + holiday's were no exception.  One Halloween, my mom dressed me, my younger sister + little brother in our Halloween costumes.  I'm sure I was probably Raggedy Andy to my sister's Raggedy Ann (but that's a different story).

She drove us about 2 hours away to surprise my grandmother.  In my young mind, I think I knew this was supposed to be a surprise, but my little brother who was only about 4 was not really on board with the concept of "Surprise."

What do kiddos do on Halloween?  Knock on the door and say, "Trick or Treat." However . . . my little brother didn't get the memo.  When my grandma opened the door, my little brother went inside + straight to the toy box.  See, my grandma always had the BEST toys in a toy box.

national tell a story day

Our stories link our present day lives to our past generations.  You are a powerful part of that journey.  Use this slower time to share your stories to the next generation.

Share your stories in the comments below + in our social media.

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