Lifestyle | Back to School

August 01, 2020

Lifestyle | Back to School

Back to school is looking a whole lot different in today's world.  Some schools have pushed back their start date; others schools are starting on time; some schools are going virtual; some schools are doing a mix of in-person/virtual; but ALL schools are vastly different from last year.

What's a momma to do?

As a former elementary teacher, I get it.  I mean  I.  Get.  IT!


Before Covid ~ "Teachers have the best job; short work days + summers off!"

After Covid ~ "Teachers have the toughest job in the world; no question!"


Before Covid ~ "Why does my child still not grasp math facts?!"

After Covid - "When can my child get back to school to learn math facts?"


There's absolutely no judgement here!!!  We're really all in this crazy, wacky, unpredictable life together.  Some of us mommas easily stepped up to be homeschool teachers.  Some of us mommas are counting the days until those kiddos head back.  Some of us mommas secretly desire to send our kiddos back but are afraid to voice that thought.  There's no right or wrong - only what's right for you!

One thing I know - FOR SURE - is that teachers need our thanks; appreciation; and patience.  They are navigating a work place with your beautiful children in an atmosphere they've never experienced before; they're not prepared for; and they have a strong desire to put some normalcy in your child's school life.

Share a helpful tip for stressed out mommas or stressed out teachers (or both) below.

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