Inspirational | You're Doing Amazing!

March 25, 2020

Inspirational | You're Doing Amazing!

You’re doing an amazing job! 💚💙

Cut yourself some slack. We’re all in this crazy life together. It’s sooo easy to get sucked into all the misinformation + panic out there. But this too shall pass. You’ll be fine.

When you start to feel your world spinning too fast, refocus your attention on these things:

Structure | Are the kiddos home? Begin a new daily routine. They crave it. You need it.

Budget | Don’t have one? Get one. It calms the mind to know where your spending is going in these turbulent times.

Exercise | Don’t let this go. Get the kids in on it too. There’s so many free yoga apps for the entire family. Take a walk in your yard.

Unplug | Turn off the news. And especially when the kiddos are there. You already know what they’re gonna say.

Breathe | You got this! 💗 Believe in you! 💗 You can do it! 💗

What are you struggling with?  I'd love to help!  Post your comments below.

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